Why Does My Eyelid Twitch?

The eyelid is a vital member of the ecosystem that is the eye. The eye, with its ducts, tracts, lubrication systems, and its own immune system, is a whole world by itself. The eyelid is an important player in that world. Typically, your eyelids work by themselves, opening and closing when they need to, or you can direct them if need be. However, sometimes, people may experience eyelids twitching, seemingly without cause. These spasms can be on a spectrum, from mild, barely noticeable on one end, to very severe and almost debilitating on the other end. If you’re wondering just why is your eyelid twitching, keep reading!

Myokymia Of The Eyelid

Myokymia is a medical term referring to involuntary muscular fluttering or shaking. For the eyelid, the tiny muscles that control the eyelid move without direction from you causing spontaneous contractions and relaxations which give you the sensation of ‘twitching’. Myokymia is a benign condition, bordering on, at worst, discomfort, but due to its relatively short duration, it is typically harmless. The usual causes are over-tiredness, over-caffeination, or acute stress.

Hemifacial Spasms Causing Eyelid Twitching

A neuromuscular disorder is the cause of hemifacial spasms. In the case of hemifacial spasms, rarely is it just the eyelid, but the entirety of one side of the face that is spasmed. Due to a physiological cause that affects the facial and cranial nerves, whether due to blood vessel dilation or even, in rare cases, nerve trauma or compression due to a brain tumor, hemifacial spasm is a more serious situation than myokymia.

What To Do About Eyelid Twitching? 

Eyelid twitching can range from the harmless, the benign all the way to the very serious, potentially requiring surgery or immediate medical attention. When the range of causes is this wide, it is incredibly difficult to go about recommending tips to you across an internet article. Rather, for the best peace of mind, accurate diagnosis, and to ensure you are receiving the care you need, check in with the Central Valley Eye Medical Group for an eye examination. Consistent eye examinations can help your eyes be healthy and are an imperative aspect of any eye healthcare routine. If it has been some time since your last visit or if you’re due for one, give us a call at 800-244-9907!

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