Posts From November, 2021

Fill Out the Holidays

Over the holidays, things can be too full. Take your stomach after the Thanksgiving dinner we just finished a few days ago. Or your house with the assortment of guests. And your to-do list at this time of year can seem to be overflowing.  One area that you could wish was a little fuller, however,… Read More »

Halloween at CVEMG!

Not only did staff dress up for the day but our annual pumpkin decorating contest took place as well. The pumpkins traveled to all 3 locations and patients voted for the winners! First place was the witch, second was Oscar the grouch, and third place was the dinosaur in the egg.

You’re Not Seeing Things — Floaters

On a sunny clear winter day here in the Central Valley, it seems you can see forever. Just like the song. Sometimes on one of those clear days when you’re looking up at the clear blue sky you notice squiggly lines, spots, or cobwebs floating about seemingly in front of your eyes. You’ve seen them… Read More »


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