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How Monovision Unlocks Clarity For The Near-Sighted and Far-Sighted

Are you navigating the world with one eye that’s nearsighted and the other farsighted? While many people find ways to live with this condition (technically called presbyopia), it can still feel frustrating when managing many different day-to-day activities. Monovision correction treatment has emerged as an effective new approach to this condition. By refining the dominant… Read More »

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Correct Your Near and Far Sighting with Monovision

When you’re nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, monovision correction may be a treatment option to help you see better. This procedure corrects the dominant eye to see far away, and the non-dominant eye to see close-up distances. After this correction, the eyes and brain adjust and work together better to see… Read More »


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