Monovision Correction
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During childhood, people with normal vision have the ability to focus on objects as close as their nose and also on objects very far away. They can rapidly, without conscious thought, switch focus from near to far vision. This is called accommodation. As each year passes, that ability to focus and to switch focus decreases. By the time most people reach their forties, they need aid, such as reading glasses or bifocals, to focus on objects close up. This condition is called presbyopia.

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What is Monovision?

Senior woman reading with magnifying glassMonovision is a technique where one eye (usually the dominant eye) is corrected for clear distance vision, and the other eye is corrected for comfortable near vision. Monovision allows a person to see close objects clearly with one eye and distance objects clearly with the other eye. The vision part of the brain tends to filter out the image from the eye that is not in clear focus, so those who have monovision eventually do not pay attention to the eye that is not as clearly focused. Those who have monovision are often able to see well enough both at distance and near to do things at any age without corrective lenses.

Monovision Correction at Central Valley Eye

Monovision can be achieved with contact lenses or with vision correction procedures by correcting the non-dominant eye for near vision and the dominant eye for distance vision. If you are considering a vision correction procedure, your doctor can put you into monovision contact lenses so you can try it before you permanently correct your eyes with monovision.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Most people’s brains automatically get used to monovision within a couple of weeks or months. In our experience, most people over the age of 40 to 45 who try monovision and take the time to fully become accustomed to it, like it and find it very useful.

Patient Testimonials

“The real deal, fast, did a wonderful procedure on me. Eyes look great, vision is vastly improved. I really enjoyed the whole experience.”Hank Dasse

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