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Prioritize Your Eyesight: 7 Essential Tips to Protect Your Vision

Your eyesight is one of your most precious assets. That means protecting it should be a top priority. Often, many people take their vision for granted until they experience an eye injury or develop a sight-affecting disease. To help you maintain optimal eye health, we will show you seven essential ways to protect your vision.… Read More »

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The Power of LASIK: Transforming Your Vision for a Clearer Future

Have you ever wondered how LASIK eye surgery could change your life? Imagine waking up every morning with crystal-clear vision, no longer relying on glasses or contacts. At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, we strive to help our patients achieve the highest level of vision improvement with cutting-edge LASIK procedures. In this blog post, we… Read More »

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The Ultimate Guide to Lens Care: Tips and Tricks for Clear Vision

You need clear vision to accomplish daily tasks, whether you wear glasses or contact lenses. Corrective lenses are small but mighty devices that make a huge difference in our lives. However, they also require proper care and maintenance to keep them in good shape and protect our eyes. In this ultimate guide to lens care,… Read More »

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Celebrate Save Your Vision Month: Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

This Save Your Vision Month is an important opportunity to educate yourself about the most common causes of vision loss. Age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts are the major threats to eye health; however, many risk factors can be avoided or minimized. Take this time to form protective habits to ensure your eye health continues.… Read More »

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3 Eye Care Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistake people make is taking their eyes for granted. Even though our eyesight is invaluable, we rarely take care of it. We’ve compiled a list of three common mistakes people make regarding eye care. Here are some ways to avoid making them. Not Eating Nutritiously Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins… Read More »

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AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month: What Is It?

This month is AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness about age-related macular degeneration. AMD is more common in adults over 50. This degenerative eye disease causes central vision loss. Despite AMD’s inability to be cured, some treatments can slow its progression. This month, you can learn more about AMD and how to… Read More »

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All About National Glaucoma Awareness Month: Your Top Questions Answered

Did you know that January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month? During this holiday, eye doctors urge the public to check their eyes. Regular comprehensive eye exams are the best way to prevent vision loss caused by glaucoma. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will check for glaucoma, other eye conditions, and vision problems.… Read More »

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The 6 Best Eye Care Tips For Eye Care Month

As you may know, January is National Eye Care Month! We should take care of our eyes and make sure they’re healthy. You can accomplish this by following these 6 tips. Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam Twice a Year Protect your eye health by getting a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years.… Read More »


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