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Retinal Detachment Can Cause Blindness

A retinal detachment is not a routine eye medical condition – it’s an outright emergency. Without prompt care, you can lose your vision permanently. This condition occurs when a thin layer of tissue positioned at the back of the eye (the retina) detaches from its intended position. Retinal cells are separated from the blood vessels providing… Read More »

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Your Blurry Vision May Be Due to Astigmatism

Astigmatism causes blurry vision – whether the object or person you are trying to focus on is close or far. Even if the object moves closer or further from your sight, it will remain blurred, shadowed, and distorted. Your night vision is likely compromised. Blurry vision is nothing to ignore and you should make it… Read More »

Woman in her forties inserting contact lenses

Getting to Know Contact Lenses

Do you think you’d like to ditch your eyeglasses and switch to contact lenses? If you do so, you’ll be in good company: around 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Since this is such a popular choice for vision correction, let’s get into contact lenses in these two springy blogs at Central Valley. Who’s Wearing… Read More »

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More About LASIK

In this first tulip-laden blog for March we covered some of the basics of LASIK, the world’s most popular option for permanent vision correction. But people have lots of questions about LASIK, plus there is a fair share of misinformation out there on the internet about laser vision correction. So, let’s spend March’s second Central… Read More »

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The Ins and Outs of LASIK

LASIK is so common these days everyone knows a person who has had this amazing surgery. But if you haven’t had it yourself, there can be some mystery surrounding the procedure. At Central Valley Eye Medical, our ophthalmologists have performed thousands of LASIK procedures, so for this springy pair of March blogs, let’s provide some… Read More »

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Seeing Double

If you’re old enough, you may remember a lame song in the 70s by Foreigner titled Double Vision. While that song was and is easily forgettable, if you actually have symptoms of double vision, we need to see you at one of our three Central Valley Eye Medical locations as this condition can point to some… Read More »

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It May Be More than Inflammation — Uveitis

When our eyes become red, we can discount the issue. Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Maybe it was a windy, dusty day in Stockton or Modesto. Or, maybe it’s uveitis. If so, we need to see you at Central Valley. What is uveitis? Uveitis is a form of eye inflammation. It… Read More »

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A Hole in the Macula

The central portion of your retina is known as the macula. Most people are familiar with one very serious condition that can rob the person of their central vision, macular degeneration. But a less well-known condition comes when a person develops a hole in their macula. At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, our board-certified ophthalmologists… Read More »

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Surfer’s Eye

In Stockton and Modesto, we may not live on the coast, but we’re not all that far away from surf spots such as Stinson Beach and Princeton Jetty. Plus, we’re outdoors a lot, and that can include dusty, humid, and windy conditions. That’s why many people come see our board-certified ophthalmologists at Central Valley for… Read More »

Asian senior couple wear brown aprons are holding red cookies cutters in heart shape over their eyes

Vow to Keep an Eye Out for Glaucoma in 2022

Most diseases in the human body start to present symptoms before any real damage occurs. Not so with glaucoma. In its early stages glaucoma presents few, if any, symptoms. By the time the person notices any problems, irreversible vision loss has already occurred. That’s why glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in Americans over… Read More »


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