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All About National Glaucoma Awareness Month: Your Top Questions Answered

Did you know that January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month? During this holiday, eye doctors urge the public to check their eyes. Regular comprehensive eye exams are the best way to prevent vision loss caused by glaucoma. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will check for glaucoma, other eye conditions, and vision problems.… Read More »

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The 6 Best Eye Care Tips For Eye Care Month

As you may know, January is National Eye Care Month! We should take care of our eyes and make sure they’re healthy. You can accomplish this by following these 6 tips. Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam Twice a Year Protect your eye health by getting a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years.… Read More »

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4 Common Causes of Watery Eyes

Do you have watery eyes? This can be a symptom of many conditions, some of which are harmless and others requiring treatment by an eye doctor in California. Many factors can contribute to watery eyes, including allergies, eye infections, and even certain medications.  In some cases, watery eyes may signify a more serious condition, such… Read More »

Diabetic Eye Disease Month: 3 Tips For Protecting Your Vision

Diabetic Eye Disease Month is a chance to raise awareness about the risks of diabetic eye disease and what people can do to protect their vision. Diabetic eye disease is a leading cause of blindness and vision loss in the United States. An estimated 14 million Americans have a diabetic eye disease, which is expected… Read More »

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes During The Winter

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, keeping your eyes healthy is more important than ever. Winter can be hard on our eyes, as dry air and cold winds can irritate, redden, and even damage them.  Here are 3 top tips to help you protect your eyes this winter. You can take… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About World Blindness Awareness Month

World Blindness Awareness Month is a global movement that aims to raise awareness about blindness and visual impairment. October serves as World Blindness Awareness Month, and various events and initiatives are organized throughout the month to highlight the issue. The goal of World Blindness Awareness Month is to bring attention to the causes and prevention… Read More »

5 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes This Eye Injury Prevention Month

Most people don’t think twice about protecting their eyes when they’re engaged in activities that could potentially be dangerous. However, many people fail to realize that even everyday activities can put their eyes at risk.  From using power tools to playing sports, there are a variety of activities that can lead to eye injuries. Read… Read More »

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Top 5 Myths About Vision And Eye Care You Probably Believe

When it comes to vision and eye care, there are a lot of myths floating around. And because so many people believe them, they make decisions that could negatively impact their eye health. This blog post will dispel the top 5 myths about vision and eye care. Myth #1: Glasses or contacts will ruin your eyesight.… Read More »

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Stand Up to Cancer Day: What It Means For Eyelid Cancer

September 9th is Stand Up to Cancer Day, and we’re reflecting on what this day means for those affected by cancer. As we all know, cancer is a horrible disease that claims too many lives.  Eyelid cancer is a type of cancer that affects the eyelids. It is a relatively rare cancer, but it can… Read More »


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