Posts From July, 2022

diagnostic center making ultrasound thyroid gland test.

You May be Suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease – Graves’ Ophthalmopathy

If your eyeballs have become unexplainably enlarged, you may be suffering from thyroid eye disease. Until recently, many people suffering from thyroid eye disease (TED or Graves’ ophthalmopathy) have unfortunately gone without an accurate diagnosis and treatment for this medical condition. TED is an autoimmune condition developed in people having an overactive thyroid gland. Thyroid… Read More »

Fatigued teen girl taking off glasses take break to relieve dry irritable eyes

Your Treatment Options for Chronic Dry Eye

Persistent dry eye annoyance should not be ignored and accepted as a common condition based on lifestyle and environmental factors. It could be a serious eye condition. Unexplained, prolonged dry eye symptoms are not normal and should be examined by one of the board-certified ophthalmologists at Central Valley Eye Medical Group serving the communities of… Read More »


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