Posts From August, 2021

Senior woman with glucometer checking blood sugar level at home

More about Diabetic Retinopathy

In August’s first sweaty blog, we got into some of the basics of diabetes and how it can lead to a vision-robbing disease known as diabetic retinopathy. Over 40 percent of Americans have diabetic retinopathy, and these numbers continue to swell with our swelling body weights.  Since we help patients manage their diabetic retinopathy at… Read More »

Happy asian woman tasting delicious macaroon in cafe. Breakfast and french cuisine concept

Too Much Sugar in the Blood for your Eye Health

As Americans become larger and larger, making the most of the ubiquitous happy meals and value menus, it goes way beyond having to buy bigger clothes or not looking the way you want in a bikini. Being obese has a direct cause-effect relationship with the development of type 2 diabetes, and this can impact your… Read More »


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