Posts From July, 2021

Man looking down at paper

Turning 40? Get Ready to Stock Up on Readers

OK, so you just had your 40th birthday, complete with the black clothes worn by “mourning” party attendees, tedious cards about adult diapers, and all of that.  But there was one guest who was definitely on the list who you may not know — presbyopia.  Since we take care of all aspects of your vision… Read More »

woman | Lasik

Are Your Brows Lying About Your Age?

As we age, tissues across our bodies sag, lose elasticity, slacken, and generally become a real bummer. It’s inevitable, but we all like to look as young and healthy as we can. That’s why when the skin and support tissues of our forehead and brow area descend, it can be depressing. This works to make… Read More »


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