Reconstructive Oculoplastic Treatments for Eyelid Malposition

Eyelid malposition can negatively affect your vision. Thankfully, reconstructive oculoplastic treatments are available to help. If you are experiencing vision problems due to the position of your eyelids, here is what you should know.

What Do Reconstructive Oculoplastic Treatments Correct?

Various causes of eye malposition are addressed through reconstructive oculoplastic treatments. The most common include:

  • Eyelid retractions: This occurs when the lower eyelid is too low, and the upper eyelid is too high compared to the norm.
  • Entropion: This condition involves the eyelid turning inward. It typically affects the lower eyelids.
  • Ectropion: This condition involves the lower eyelid turning outward.
  • Ptosis: This condition involves the dropping of the upper eyelids.
  • Tumors: The growth of tumors on the eyelids, orbit, or eyes can affect vision and need to be addressed.
  • Obstructed tear ducts: Any type of blockage to the tear ducts, whether caused by injury, illness, or birth, can impact tear production.
  • Eyelid growths: There are instances where either benign or malignant growths form on the eyelid. These can weigh down the eyelids and make it difficult to open the eyes.

In most instances, these concerns are addressed with functional blepharoplasty. This surgery involves tightening and repositioning the levator muscles. This improves the position of the eyelid, ensuring it sits properly over the eye. In other cases, orbital decompression or another treatment may be used to address eyelid malposition.

Am I a Good Candidate for Treatment?

In addition to having any of the abovementioned concerns, candidates should be in good general health with realistic outcome expectations from their procedures. During your consultation, our ophthalmologist will thoroughly evaluate your ocular anatomy and cosmetic eyelid objectives to develop a customized surgical plan catered to your needs.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If an eyelid malposition is affecting your vision, our reconstructive oculoplastic treatments could deliver improvements that are hard to achieve through non-invasive routes alone. Contact our specialists at Central Valley Eye Medical Group by calling 209-952-3700 to schedule an appointment to learn more about the state-of-the-art reconstructive oculoplastic treatments we offer. We can meet with you at our office in Stockton, Manteca, or Modesto, CA, to discuss your specific circumstances and determine the best treatment option to help you find relief and see better.

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