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woman in glasses in knitted winter white warm sweater drinks a cup of hot cocoa during reading favorite book on a window sill by the window at home in winter

3 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes During The Winter

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, keeping your eyes healthy is more important than ever. Winter can be hard on our eyes, as dry air and cold winds can irritate, redden, and even damage them.  Here are 3 top tips to help you protect your eyes this winter. You can take… Read More »

Halloween at CVEMG!

Not only did staff dress up for the day but our annual pumpkin decorating contest took place as well. The pumpkins traveled to all 3 locations and patients voted for the winners! First place was the witch, second was Oscar the grouch, and third place was the dinosaur in the egg.

Approaching Its Silver Anniversary — the History of LASIK

Just about everyone these days either has had LASIK surgery themselves or knows someone who has had it. LASIK is so common today, with millions of patients worldwide opting for the surgery, that it seems the procedure has been around forever. Actually, LASIK has only been performed in the U.S. for approaching 25 years. Since… Read More »


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