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Contact Lenses vs. Glasses: Which Is Right for Me?

When it comes to vision correction, many people face the dilemma of deciding between contact lenses vs. glasses. Both options offer unique advantages and considerations. However, choosing the right option can be a personal choice.  It’s mostly based on your individual preferences, lifestyle, and visual needs. Understanding the differences between contact lenses and glasses can help… Read More »

Woman in her forties inserting contact lenses

Getting to Know Contact Lenses

Do you think you’d like to ditch your eyeglasses and switch to contact lenses? If you do so, you’ll be in good company: around 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Since this is such a popular choice for vision correction, let’s get into contact lenses in these two springy blogs at Central Valley. Who’s Wearing… Read More »

More Eyeglass Lens Options for Your New Eyeglasses

In December’s first blog we delved into some of the new lens options available to put in all of the great designer eyeglass frames we offer at Central Valley Eye Medical in our Optical Shops. Truth is, there’s so much cool technology in our lenses these days we need a second blog to cover it… Read More »

Ask Santa for a New Pair of Eyeglasses

At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, your eyes are all we focus on, pardon the pun. Part of that focus is our extensive selection of designer frames in our Optical Shop in each of our locations in Stockton, Manteca, and Modesto. Since none of us has been able to spend much money going out or… Read More »

Why You Need to Take Out Your Contacts Every Night

Soft contact lenses are quite technologically advanced. They can correct for large refractive errors; they can correct for astigmatism; and they can actually breathe when on your eye. They are so comfortable that wearers can be tempted to leave them in overnight or sometimes even when taking a shower or swimming. Bad idea. While some… Read More »

How to Decipher Your Eyeglass Prescription

OK, you just had your eye exam at one of our three Central Valley Eye Medical Group locations and now you have a prescription for eyeglasses. Of course, your best bet would be to take it right over to our optical shop right in our offices where we have all the latest frames, one sure… Read More »

Do You Need Computer Glasses?

The need for glasses used to be pretty straightforward. If you couldn’t see stuff clearly, whether at distance or up close, you went to your eye doctor to get your prescription and then you purchased a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Enter the ubiquitous computer screen. Even if you’re not a content writer spending… Read More »

The Ever-Popular Soft Contact Lens

Contact lenses seem like a relatively modern improvement for vision correction, but they’ve actually been around quite a long time. The problem was that early contact lenses were not very comfortable and never caught on. Obviously, that’s no longer the case. At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, we fit patients for contact lenses every day.… Read More »

What Eyeglasses Are Right for Your Face Shape?

As the Central Valley’s leading source for the care of your vision, we offer all the latest eyeglass styles in our optical shop in our Stockton and Manteca locations. When patients come in and see all the styles — everything from Fendi and Prada to more traditional choices like Ray Ban and Oakley — they… Read More »

What are Digital Eyeglass Lenses?

Although your eyeglasses correct your vision to 20/20, you may still wish your vision was clearer in certain situations. At Central Valley Eye, we offer high-definition eyeglass lenses that correct for certain vision issues that normal eyeglasses can’t. Why are my normal eyeglass lenses not always cutting it? Even if your eyeglasses correct for your… Read More »


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