Ask Santa for a New Pair of Eyeglasses

At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, your eyes are all we focus on, pardon the pun. Part of that focus is our extensive selection of designer frames in our Optical Shop in each of our locations in Stockton, Manteca, and Modesto.

Since none of us has been able to spend much money going out or traveling during this year of COVID-19, maybe it’s time to give your eyes a little present with the money you’ve saved. Don’t you think your eyes deserve it?

In this month’s two blogs, let’s get into some of the special lens technology we use and offer to put in our wide assortment of designer frames. Sure, we offer Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Oakley, Juicy Couture, JLO, Nine West, Carrera, Prada, Vogue, Ray Ban, Versace, and more, but what’s in the lens is more important than who made the frame.

Here’s some of the lens technology we use at Central Valley.

  • High Index Lenses — High power prescriptions don’t call for Coke bottle lenses anymore, thanks to High Index Lenses. Recent advances in lens material technology allows even the highest power prescription lenses to fit into stylish frames, as the lenses are much thinner and lighter.
  • Progressive Lenses — No one’s a fan of the annoyance that is presbyopia, where the lenses of our eyes no longer can change shape as easily to focus on up-close vision. That’s why most homes with occupants over 40 have reading glasses strategically placed throughout. Bifocals or trifocals have been the method for a person to have distance vision in the upper lens coupled with up-close/reading glass vision in the bottom of the lens. But when looking at bifocals, it was obvious to see the different focus areas, and your eyes had to deal with lines between the sections.

Progressive lenses change that. They have the appearance of single vision lenses while providing you with a full range of vision from near, to intermediate, to distance. Progressive lenses are created with a gradient of power starting with the patient’s distance prescription at the top of the lens, a stronger intermediate power in the middle of the lens, and the strongest near power at the bottom of the lens. There are not lines for your eyes to navigate.

  • Polycarbonate Impact-Resistant Lenses — While Californians may think of impact-resistant lenses and instantly see visions of James Worthy or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing them for those famous Lakers teams, the reality is that impact-resistant lenses make sense for just about everyone. Standard lens materials, such as plastic or glass, can shatter and damage your eyes.

Our polycarbonate impact-resistant lenses are manufactured using an injection molding process that makes them stronger than standard lens materials and includes scratch resistance protection. Our polycarbonates also protect from UV exposure. Plus, they are the most lightweight lens material you can buy, so they may be thinner than your previous plastic lenses.

In December’s second blog we’ll get into a few other lens options for your next pair of eyeglasses at Central Valley. In the meantime, stay on the “Nice” list and maybe Santa will bring you a new pair this year. Or you can call us at (800) 244-9907 or come into our three offices in Stockton, Manteca, and Modesto and get your eyes the present they deserve.

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