Posts From February, 2023

woman eating at restaurant table healthy food

3 Eye Care Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistake people make is taking their eyes for granted. Even though our eyesight is invaluable, we rarely take care of it. We’ve compiled a list of three common mistakes people make regarding eye care. Here are some ways to avoid making them. Not Eating Nutritiously Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins… Read More »

Senior man examined by an ophthalmologist, eye exam

AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month: What Is It?

This month is AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness about age-related macular degeneration. AMD is more common in adults over 50. This degenerative eye disease causes central vision loss. Despite AMD’s inability to be cured, some treatments can slow its progression. This month, you can learn more about AMD and how to… Read More »


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