Posts From February, 2021

Correcting an Eyelid Turning the Wrong Way

In this month’s first blog, we told you about our oculoplastic surgery expertise at Central Valley Eye Medical Group. In this second blog, let’s describe two of those conditions, entropion and ectropion. Due to various causes, a person’s eyelid can turn the wrong way. In some cases, the eyelid “turns in”. In others it “turns… Read More »

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

When you hit our pulldown menu for our services, you’ll notice two types of surgeries you’ve likely never heard of: cosmetic oculoplastic services and reconstructive oculoplastic services. Oculoplastic — That’s a big word that makes little sense to most people. So, this blog will describe what an oculoplastic surgeon is and what kinds of procedures… Read More »


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