Cosmetic Oculoplastic Services

Central Valley Eye Medical Group has long been recognized as one of the area’s premiere eye care centers, providing a full spectrum of high-quality medical and surgical eye care services. What many patients don’t know is that we’ve also helped thousands of people achieve the appearance they desire through eyelid and facial cosmetic treatments and surgery.

You’ve probably heard a lot of hype about a variety of procedures promising to make you look younger. It’s hard to know what’s real and who to trust. You’re wise to be careful, as all cosmetic procedures are not the same. At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, we are proud to introduce the newest member of our team and specialist in in customized facial rejuvenation treatments, Kimberly Cockerham, M.D., FACS. Dr. Cockerham has successfully performed thousands cosmetic procedures and are ready to help you choose the option that will help you achieve the appearance you desire.

Aging, the environment and your health can all affect the appearance of your eyelids and skin. Droopy eyelids and wrinkles can add years to your face and may even block your vision. The solution might be closer than you think. Dr. Cockerham specializes in aging changes of the eyelids, brows and face in addition to:

Many skin imperfections including excess skin, acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles and sun damage can be treated by Dr. Cockerham with procedures such as  BOTOX®, microdermabrasion, blepharoplasty and laser skin resurfacing.  She has licensed aestheticians on staff to advise patients on skin care needs and provide topical therapies, such as facials, chemical peels and micro-needling.


Different procedures and levels of treatment require different technologies. The best way to find out exactly what your price will be is to come in for a screening or exam.

Some procedures may be covered by insurance. If you have questions about what is covered by your private healthcare insurance, contact your plan provider. If you don’t want to pay for your procedure all at once, you can take advantage of one of our affordable financing options and you can apply for financing online.


If you would like to learn more about Cosmetic Oculoplastic Services call 1-800-244-9907 to make an appointment at Central Valley Eye Medical Group.


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