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What’s Making Your Eyelids So Crusty?

Our eyelids have intricate functionality, and their thin skin can create issues with drooping and sagging. In this month’s first blog we discussed a problem with the eyelids when they turn outward, ectropion.  But there’s a much more common problem that happens with the eyelids, and it happens to every one of us at some… Read More »

Those Inflamed, Crusty Eyelids

If there’s one eye condition that pretty much everyone has at some point in his or her life it’s blepharitis. Blepharitis simply is a clinical term for eyelid inflammation. While everyone gets it sometimes, others get it ofttimes. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy for the team at Central Valley Eye Medical Group to treat. What Are… Read More »


What is Blepharitis? Having an inflamed eyelid isn’t unusual. It may feel as if you have a piece of sand in your eye or your eyelashes could be crusty in the morning when you awake. Just about everyone has this kind of inflammation at one time or another. To the team at Central Valley Eye… Read More »


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