What Is the Difference Between Bladeless LASIK and Regular LASIK?

Bladeless LASIK
Both bladeless LASIK and regular LASIK are procedures to help correct your vision by making permanent changes to your cornea. However, the two procedures differ in how our eye surgeon approaches making that correction and what tools we use. Understanding the differences between the two can help guide your decision on which one is best suited for you.

How Bladeless LASIK and Regular LASIK Create Your Corneal Flap

Both bladeless LASIK and regular LASIK create a corneal flap that reshapes your cornea as a way to improve your vision. Whereas regular LASIK uses a hand-held blade to create a thin flap in the cornea before using a laser to reshape the tissue underneath, bladeless LASIK (as the name implies) relies entirely on a precise laser to create the corneal flap. Regular LASIK requires the focus of our highly skilled surgeon, whereas bladeless LASIK relies on precision laser technology customized to the patient’s individual cornea to create the corneal flap.

Safety and Recovery with Bladeless LASIK vs Regular LASIK

Regular LASIK has a long history of performance and success. Bladeless LASIK is a newer procedure that may have a lower risk of complications because of the elimination of the blade. While individual results vary, many patients report a quicker recovery and a more comfortable procedure with bladeless LASIK.

Choosing Between Bladeless LASIK and Regular LASIK

Consulting with our eyecare professionals is the first step in determining whether you are a better fit for bladeless LASIK or regular LASIK. Your overall eye health, corneal thickness, vision correction needs, and individual eye characteristics may limit your choice to one or the other. Cost can be a factor as well. Even though both procedures have a high success rate in restoring better vision, bladeless LASIK offers the advantages of greater precision and potentially lowered complication risks.

Find Out More About Bladeless LASIK and Regular LASIK Today

Our experts at Central Valley Eye Medical Group, Inc. are available to help you better understand the difference between these two LASIK eye surgeries and help determine which may be the best option for you. With three offices in Manteca, Modesto, and Stockton, CA, we can meet with you at the office that is the most convenient for you. Contact our team today by calling 209-952-3700 to schedule an appointment.

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