Correct Your Near and Far Sighting with Monovision

Man Trying On Eyeglasses In Optics StoreWhen you’re nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, monovision correction may be a treatment option to help you see better. This procedure corrects the dominant eye to see far away, and the non-dominant eye to see close-up distances. After this correction, the eyes and brain adjust and work together better to see more clearly when looking any distance – near or far away.

Monovision Corrects the Condition Known as  

The natural aging process – usually in your 40s – causes vision to decline precipitously. Presbyopia begins when you have problems seeing both close and at a distance. Some people suffering from presbyopia rely on monovision contact lenses or glasses to correct the condition. Others choose to undergo LASIK surgery.

Monovision Contacts or Glasses

These are the least invasive options to try monovision correction. Typically, many people rely on contacts or glasses until they are ready to undergo LASIK surgery. Monovision glasses include bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses which, include multiple prescriptions for vision correction.

  • Bifocals and trifocals have different prescriptions separated by a line on the lens to correct vision.
  • Progressive lenses combine the different prescriptions on the lens for correction.

We want to improve your vision with monovision correction and offer a full array of glass frames. See better and look your best with a choice of the latest designer eyewear and lens technologies.

We also offer many types of contacts. A different contact lens will be specifically prescribed for each eye and suited to your lifestyle. One lens provides far away distance and the other enhances close objects.

LASIK Surgery Monovision Correction

LASIK surgery uses laser eye technology to correct both near and far vision limitations in your eyes.

Correction laser surgery is as follows:

  • Your doctor will use a laser to adjust the shape of the cornea.
  • The cornea is adjusted in the non-dominate eye to see close-up.
  • The dominant eye is adjusted to see long-distance

Enhance Your Vision Quality

If you’re having difficulty seeing far and near comfortably, take advantage of the latest monovision correction technology. Improve your quality of life by calling 209-952-3700 and reaching out to the Central Valley Eye Medical Group today. One of our experienced, board-certified ophthalmologists serving the communities of Stockton, Manteca, or Modesto, CA, can help.

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