Your Blurry Vision May Be Due to Astigmatism

photo of smiling woman wearing eyeglassesAstigmatism causes blurry vision – whether the object or person you are trying to focus on is close or far. Even if the object moves closer or further from your sight, it will remain blurred, shadowed, and distorted. Your night vision is likely compromised. Blurry vision is nothing to ignore and you should make it a priority to seek out an experienced eye doctor to examine your condition.

Don’t Ignore Your Blurry Vision

Astigmatism cannot be corrected or alleviated by squinting to help see things. Unfortunately, trying to clear things up by squinting will eventually lead to headaches due to eyestrain.

This condition occurs when the eyeball is egg-shaped, not round. Light cannot focus on the right area of your cornea or lens because they are curved. These are refractive errors in vision.

Correcting astigmatism is commonly treated with eyeglasses, contacts, or minor surgery such as LASIK or PRK.

Corrective Eyeglasses

To compensate for the curvature of the cornea, a specific lens prescription is recommended. This precise corrective lens prescription can also correct other eye conditions simultaneously with astigmatism.

To ensure your vision improves with corrective lenses, we offer a full array of glass frames. See better and look your best with a choice of the latest designer eyewear and lens technologies.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses may be required when a wider field of vision is preferred for correction. As an alternative to eyeglasses, many people need either rigid, gas-permeable, or toric, soft contact lenses.

Laser Surgery

The shape of the cornea can be corrected to improve vision using LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery.

The difference between these two surgeries:

  • PRK removes two tissue formations – one form located within the inner layer of the cornea area and other superficial tissues.
  • LASIK manually corrects inner layer corneal tissue.

Improve Your Vision Quality

If your vision is blurry, don’t procrastinate getting your eyes examined. Improve your quality of life by calling 209-952-3700 and reaching out to the Central Valley Eye Medical Group today. One of our experienced, board-certified ophthalmologists serving the communities of Stockton, Manteca, or Modesto, CA, can help.

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