Must Use Tips For Proper Eye Health In The Summer

eye healthSummer is finally here! With that comes the beach, the tan, the water activities, the BBQ, the ice cream, the eye damage! Wait, the eye damage? You probably already moisturize and use sunscreen when it comes time to protect your skin from the sun, but are you doing anything to protect your eyes from the sun? Summer fun shouldn’t come with any worry and we won’t let it! If you haven’t thought about protecting your eyes when it comes to the sun, or even if you’ve got a proper regimen when it comes to eye health, keep reading to learn about some must-use tips for your eyes this summer!

Did You Know Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned? 

You may think that only your skin can get a sunburn but the same UV rays that can affect the skin can also affect your eyes. This damage doesn’t happen from just being outside, however; rather, sunburned eyes, medically known as photokeratitis, happen when UV rays directly enter the eyes. This can happen when you look directly at incredibly reflective surfaces such as water, sand, or snow. These UV rays can burn the surface of your eyes and cause symptoms ranging from mild irritation to even temporary vision loss. Unlike being able to use aloe vera on your eyes, it’s important to utilize preventative care through sunglasses. Make sure they’re marked 100% UV protection!

Wash Out Your Eyes After The Lake!

You probably don’t typically wash out your eyes; however, it can be best practice when you consider that bodies of water, such as the lake, can be contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms! A quick splash of water can help rinse out any unwelcome guests.

Get Summer Ready With An Eye Exam

While following these tips is sure to have you ready for any and all summer fun, it’s best to party after taking care of business: If it has been some time since your last eye exam or if you’ve been noticing some pain or discomfort, scheduling an eye exam with Central Valley Eye Medical Group is a great way to maintain proper eye health. Give us a call at 800-244-9907!


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