Maintaining Healthy Vision: How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

eye examTaking care of your vision can often become an afterthought until your sight begins to suffer. The best way to take care of your eyes is to catch any eye conditions early through routine eye exams. That being said, how often should you get an eye exam, and is it the same for everyone? Let’s explore how often you should get an eye exam and different risk factors that may change that.

Why Are Eye Exams Important

Eye exams are essential to understanding the needs of your eyes. They are helpful for knowing when prescriptions need to be changed, if you need corrective eyewear and to catch eye conditions and diseases early. Unfortunately, lots of eye diseases are progressive and will only get worse with age. Eye exams can screen for conditions early and reduce long-term symptoms of chronic eye conditions.

How Often Should I Get an Exam?

Generally, it’s recommended you get an eye exam more often the older you get and that fewer eye exams are necessary when you’re younger. However, it’s best to get an eye exam at least two times a year. That being said, there is no harm in getting them annually or even semi-annually. In fact, some people have certain eye risks where annual eye exams are likely the minimum. Let’s take a look at some of the risks that would warrant more frequent eye exams.

Old Age

Vision naturally degrades as we age. Age generally weakens the eye and makes people vulnerable to vision conditions. That’s why you should have more frequent eye exams the older you get.

Family History

If you have a family history of vision loss, then more frequent eye exams could be useful. This is because you are at a higher risk of developing the same vision issues.

Getting an Eye Exam

Eye exams are essential to maintaining healthy vision. Thankfully, Central Valley Eye Medical Group provides comprehensive eye exams. Our team is staffed with board-certified ophthalmologists who use their expertise to bring you results and comfort. Our team prides itself on being the only general ophthalmology practice in the San Joaquin Valley with all fellowship-trained physicians. If it’s time for your routine eye exam, then choose our team and contact Central Valley Eye Medical Group at 1-800-244-9907 today.

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