Adding Even More Precision to Laser Vision Correction

Laser eye correction | Central valley eye clinic At Central Valley Eye Medical Group, we take pride in staying at the forefront of vision technology. For laser vision correction that means CustomVue™ Individualized Laser Vision Correction. This establishes a new standard in laser vision correction, and we now offer this procedure at Central Valley for patients who qualify.

What is different about CustomVue?

As with our fingerprints, every person’s vision is completely unique to you. No two pairs of eyes are exactly alike. Prior to recent advancements in technology, doctors were only able to use standard measurements to correct a patient’s vision. This means that prescriptions could only provide a certain level of correction, regardless of the patient’s individual needs.

CustomVue™ changes that. This method of laser vision correction provides a precise level of measurement and correction that wasn’t possible before some advancements in technology.

CustomVue™ uses WaveScan®-based digital technology, which was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes. WaveScan® allows our Central Valley doctors to identify, measure, and correct imperfections in an individual’s eyes 25 times more precisely than with standard methods. This results in even better vision improvements. If a patient is over the age of 21 and is nearsighted and/or astigmatic, they could qualify for CustomVue™.

The laser procedure is the same as LASIK, but the precision is higher. This is because the system uses the WaveScan® data for plotting the gentle reshaping of the cornea that is the basis of laser vision correction.

Results you can see

LASIK has been a revolutionary vision correction procedure for almost a quarter-century. CustomVue™ simply raises the bar. Look at these results from CustomVue™ patients in a clinical study one year after their procedure:

  • 100 percent of the patients could pass a driving test
  • 98 percent could see 20/20 or better
  • 70 percent could be better than 20/20
  • 4 times as many people experienced improved night vision

If you’re interested in laser vision correction call us at Central Valley Eye Medical Group, (800) 244-9907. Let’s see if CustomVue™ would work for you.

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