Medical Management for Dry Eye


Restasis (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion) 0.05%

Restasis is an exciting new treatment for Dry Eye Disease, a painful and irritating condition. Restasis drops help the eyes produce more tears by reducing inflammation, which is often a cause of dry eye. Unlike artificial tears, Restasis is the first drug proven to effectively treat a cause of Dry Eye Disease rather than only temporarily alleviate symptoms.

Restasis is for those:
  • whose tear production is suppressed due to inflammation caused by dry eye disease
  • whose doctor has determined that Restasis is the appropriate treatment for their condition

About the Treatment

If your doctor prescribes Restasis, you’ll probably use one drop in each eye every 12 hours. There is presently no cure for Dry Eye Disease; however, you will receive benefits from Restasis for as long as you continue its use. Restasis can be used with artificial tear products, but your need for these will most likely decrease as your eyes improve.

Realistic Expectations

The most common side effect of Restasis is a temporary burning sensation. Patients with an active eye infection or those who have allergies to any of the ingredients should not use Restasis. Keep in mind that Restasis is a treatment, not a cure. There is presently no cure for Dry Eye Disease.

If you and your doctor decide that Restasis is an option for you, you will be given additional information about the treatment that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed.


Xiidra is a prescription medicated eye drop used to treat the symptoms of dry eyes. It works by decreasing inflammation on the surface of the eye, which results in improved tear chemistry and ocular comfort. The drops are used twice a day.

The drops are generally well tolerated with no serious side effects, though some patients report the, after placing the drops in the eyes, they temporarily notice a bad taste at the back of the tongue. This can be minimized by brushing the teeth after placing the drops in the eyes.


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