ORA System

For Guidance and Verification During Cataract Surgery

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Central Valley Eye Medical Group, is proud to be of the first in in our area to offer the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) as one of the most significant technological advances in cataract care in many years.

Having the ability to measure, refine and verify our outcomes during the actual surgical procedure allows our surgeons to take cataract surgery to an entirely new level. Making real-time surgical course correction with continuous assessment of the most critical components of cataract care elevates our outcomes and reduces potential post-op complications.

The ORA is attached to the surgical microscope and provides continuous streaming measurements of intraocular lens implant (IOL) calculations intraoperatively, ensures proper IOL placement, and determines treatment zones for correcting astigmatism. ORA utilizes intraoperative wavefront aberrometry to enable us to perform a much more custom refractive cataract surgery. Our goal with refractive cataract surgery is to provide our patients with the best possible vision with minimal if any dependence on prescription eyewear after surgery.

Ora technology will be particularly useful for those patients who have had refractive surgery in the past such as LASIK.


If you would like to learn more about ORA System call 1-800-244-9907 to make an appointment at Central Valley Eye Medical Group.


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